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Mobile Cranes – Mobile Lifting Power & Mobility

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Mobile Lifting Power

Africa has an active and demanding industrial sector, including the industries of construction, agriculture, forestry, and mining, to only name a few. Within a couple of these industries, lifting equipment is commonly used to complete various tasks, especially where construction takes place. Usually, when needing a piece of machinery that can lift serious tonnage, it requires the construction of a stationary crane, giving you more than enough lifting power to get the job done.

Although a stationary crane is a viable solution, it is not ideal when the worksite is too large and certain areas fall outside its reach, or when the crane needs to be moved from one site to another all the time. This is where mobile cranes offer versatility by combining lifting power with mobility and making them a better option for getting the job done in time. Various forms of mobile lifting equipment are available on the market, with Kanu Equipment offering a range to choose from. Today, we will focus on mobile cranes that can lift and move mountains to clear the road to success and give you the advantage your business needs.

Power and Mobility

An effective combination for a formidable piece of lifting equipment is power and mobility fused into one capable machine. The concept of a mobile crane is simple, granting the lifting power of a regular crane and adding wheels to ensure that the crane can move around to where it should be. Kanu Equipment offers any type of mobile crane you might need for your business, including our selection of crawler track cranes for heavy-duty lifting purposes.

These cranes are very impressive in terms of size and design, but also offer incredible lifting power, with our available range starting at a maximum loading capacity of 110 t and scaling up towards the biggest model in the series, capable of lifting a whopping 3000 t and granting you the strength you need to lift just about anything on your way to completing the task at hand. We also offer various other mobile cranes, should you be looking for other solutions, including compact and truck-mounted telescopic models for small- and medium-scale applications.

Kanu Equipment offers a variety of industrial machinery for Africa, with a comprehensive selection of mining, construction, and forestry equipment, to name a few industries. For more information on our selection of mobile cranes, feel free to peruse our website for detailed specifications and images, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose Kanu Equipment today and let us provide you with quality industrial machinery.