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LTM Mobile Cranes in Africa

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Mobile Cranes in Africa With Mobility and Lifting Power

The industrial sector in Africa is alive and well, with high demand for equipment to ensure that daily tasks and new projects can be completed with the best tools and with optimised results. When it comes to lifting equipment, some of the biggest problems occur when having to transport large cranes to the sites where they are needed. As a solution, mobile cranes have always been an option, delivering the means of self-transportation and, in most cases, the versatility to handle rough and uneven surfaces as well. The popularity of mobile cranes in Africa is ever-growing, with companies taking advantage of these specially designed vehicles carrying the lifting equipment on their backs while driving to the worksite.

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Case IH Tractors in Africa

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In Case You Need Tractors

Agriculture plays an important role in Africa’s industrial sector, with a plethora of farms in the southern part of the continent to showcase the variety of produce that can be grown and harvested. With rich soil at our disposal, Kanu Equipment offers various agricultural equipment to ensure that you do not only have the ideal tools to complete a successful workday on the farm, but also have the means to optimise farming chores and execute them in double time. Kanu Equipment offers a range of Case IH tractors for sale in Africa, bringing the Italian brand with its signature red machines to your agricultural rescue and delivering durable and versatile models to make farm life a little easier.

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Agriculture Equipment for Africa

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Agricultural Equipment for the Farms of Africa

Africa has acres and acres of rich soil utilised by farmers, especially in the central and southern parts of the continent. Therefore, agricultural equipment is in high demand, supplying farmers with the ideal farming tools to keep their business going and the industry thriving. A common misconception is that farmers only need a reliable tractor and hardworking employees to get through a successful workday, but the reality is that farmers are some of the busiest people in the world, waking before the sun rises, getting to work on the fields to ensure that their harvest will deliver optimal results.

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Mobile Cranes – Mobile Lifting Power & Mobility

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Mobile Lifting Power

Africa has an active and demanding industrial sector, including the industries of construction, agriculture, forestry, and mining, to only name a few. Within a couple of these industries, lifting equipment is commonly used to complete various tasks, especially where construction takes place. Usually, when needing a piece of machinery that can lift serious tonnage, it requires the construction of a stationary crane, giving you more than enough lifting power to get the job done.

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Caterpillar Spares for Sale

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We Have Caterpillar Spares for Sale

Kanu Equipment is a supplier of industrial machinery for the African market, offering mobile cranes, forestry machinery, agricultural equipment, and many others to ensure that your business in Africa has access to the machines to get the job done. Apart from our wide variety of machines, we also provide spares for sale from various brands, including Caterpillar, Costex Tractor Parts, and Titan Ground Engaging Tools for when a piece of machinery needs some tender loving care after breaking down.

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Tractors for Sale

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Tractors for Sale!

When it comes to agriculture on the African continent, we find a bustling industry critical to the continent’s economy. These farms use various types of agricultural equipment to get through their daily work obligations, relying on this equipment to not only take care of the job at hand, but also be durable enough to keep going day after day without breaking down. Tractors are some of the most commonly used farming equipment in the world, being a farmer’s daily driver in a sense. Due to the functionality and pulling power of tractors, their popularity will never fade in the world of agriculture.

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Case Tractors

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Viva Italia!

When people think of Italy, various images pop to mind. Some might think about their passionate sports fans or their huge contribution to the food industry, but most will automatically think about the prancing horse or the raging bull featured on the badges of their automotive masterpieces, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Staying with the vehicle manufacturing business in Italy, we also find Case tractors, offering a wide variety of tractors that can be used across the world and conquer the toughest challenges in the agricultural industry.

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Our Range of Mobile Cranes

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Mobile Lifting Power

Africa features a busy and demanding industrial sector, ranging from agriculture to mining and forestry. With various companies and businesses invested in industrial activities on the continent, the demand for quality machinery will always be strong. Various industries use specific types of vehicles and machinery to get the job done, but a commonly used piece of machinery across different industries is the mobile crane.

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Our Range of Forestry Equipment

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Kanu Equipment’s Range of Forestry Equipment for Sale

Africa hosts a varied industrial sector, including mining, construction, agriculture, and the topic of the day, forestry. Kanu Equipment offers a wide selection of equipment for these industries, making life easier for companies by giving them the necessary tools to effectively do a day’s work. When it comes to forestry equipment we have for sale, our selection covers loaders, bunchers, skidders, loggers, and harvesters, to name a few, ensuring that you can run a versatile fleet of forestry equipment with what we can supply companies operating in Africa.

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Liebherr Dealer in Africa

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The Liebherr Difference

Mobile lifting equipment has always offered a versatile approach to the industrial sector, granting the use of a crane that can be moved around without having to worry about scaffolding to construct and deconstruct as the crane is being moved. Mobile cranes have always delivered optimal levels of mobility within the work environment, making life easy for construction, forestry, and mining applications and giving the industrial sector a useful piece of lifting equipment to add to work fleets.

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