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Case IH Tractors in Africa

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In Case You Need Tractors

Agriculture plays an important role in Africa’s industrial sector, with a plethora of farms in the southern part of the continent to showcase the variety of produce that can be grown and harvested. With rich soil at our disposal, Kanu Equipment offers various agricultural equipment to ensure that you do not only have the ideal tools to complete a successful workday on the farm, but also have the means to optimise farming chores and execute them in double time. Kanu Equipment offers a range of Case IH tractors for sale in Africa, bringing the Italian brand with its signature red machines to your agricultural rescue and delivering durable and versatile models to make farm life a little easier.

Many people ask why Italian tractor brands deliver such capable agricultural equipment. In fact, Lamborghini started out as a tractor manufacturing company in Italy, supplying the vast number of farms in the country with quality machines that are durable and capable of doing the job at hand. Case IH might not have the heritage of producing sports cars behind their brand, but has been producing tractors long enough to have reached the top with quality agriculture products that will give you much more than meets the eye. Today, we will focus on Kanu Equipment’s range of Case IH tractors for sale in Africa and how they can make a difference on your farm.

Case Tractors for Sale in Africa

True to the Italian flair, every Case IH tractor features a distinctive red livery to make it stand out from the crowd, not only being a pretty face, but also a durable and trustworthy workhorse for farming applications. Case IH offers almost any model and body shape of tractor on the market today, starting with the small Quantum V/N that offers several functions within confined spaces such as vineyards, to optimise high-value crop harvesting. The Quantum V/N is available in 12 models, ranging between 65 and 106 hp to fit your specific requirements.

Scaling to a more universal model, we offer the Farmall series, with the Farmall JXM offering two models of 80 and 88 hp respectively. A choice between 2WD and 4WD is also available in this series, giving you the ability to handle various surfaces with ease. The Farmall A series offers a wider selection, with four models ranging between 110 and 140 hp for a versatile and functional approach to the Case IH tractors available in Africa. Moving to the big boys, we find the Steiger and Quadtrac series, offering big bodies and high levels of power to give you the strength you need to pull almost any piece of farming equipment around. Kanu Equipment offers nine models to choose from, ranging between 406 and 608 hp for a capable model of Case IH tractor for sale for every purpose.

Case IH tractors deliver a comprehensive range of tractors for sale through Kanu Equipment in Africa. Should you need more information about these red agricultural machines for your farm, please browse our website for more details, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Choose Kanu Equipment today and experience the power of choice with our comprehensive selection of industrial equipment in Africa.